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February 15, 2024

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Why WhatsApp Business?

We are excited to expand on our support channels and look forward to providing exceptional customer support through WhatsApp Business!

We want to make contacting our teams as easy as possible, that’s why we have added a new WhatsApp business number to our contact methods. With WhatsApp Business, we aim to provide a user-friendly platform for clients to engage with City Communications, offering quick responses and valuable information. Whether you have a question about our products or services, need technical support, or want to provide feedback, our WhatsApp business service will be available to assist you.


Here are some key features of why we are offering WhatsApp Business service:

Instant messaging: You can send us messages anytime, and our team will aim to respond straight away but within 4 hours.

Multi-media support: You can easily send and receive images, videos, and documents to help you convey your message or resolve any issues effectively.

Group chat: If you have a team or multiple colleagues who need to connect with us, our WhatsApp Business service allows you to create group chats and collaborate seamlessly.

Efficient: It’s the quickest way to get in touch and will automatically raise tickets as if you had filled in a form on our Support page.

To access our WhatsApp Business number, simply save 07958 234643 in your contacts, and you can start messaging us right away.

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