Consultancy Services

City Communications, have saved businesses across Nottinghamshire and the UK thousands of pounds a year by simply making sure that the right services are in place and they are on the correct tariffs for the needs of the business. We often find businesses have been sold a product that doesn’t suit them or that their annual price for a service increases. This results in the business paying far too much.

That’s why we offer a free consultation, during which we will look at your phone lines, broadband, IT and web services and recommend the best options for your business. By looking at how you use your communication services, we can ensure that the correct equipment and solutions are in place.

We will look not just look at your last few months invoices but also how your business is using its services. We look not just at how to save you money but also to increase your productivity and make sure you are only paying for what your business needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and can offer the exact same BT engineers and service level agreements. This allows us to match or beat BT fault response times and guarantees.

Our free consultation also includes looking at your web and email hosting plans. We find most small to medium businesses require our normal hosting plans and are often paying way over a normal rate for hosting. We believe that your web presence is one of the most important marketing tools for your business and the money we can save on hosting would be better invested in boosting your online performance. We can offer a wide range of digital marketing services and part of our consultation is recommending how you can utilise your online presence. All of our hosting services are based in the UK and fully managed data centres. We are very proud of our 99.9% uptime and fast server load times. Our objective is to provide you with a web hosting solution, not just a service. Whether you require a web hosting package for a simple web site, small business or full e-commerce site our hosting experts are here to meet your needs.