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Preparing for City Cloud Phone

1.1 Connectivity

  • Ensuring that the necessary LAN equipment is available and able to support the site connectivity requirements of users (capacity, performance, power etc) 
  • Ensuring adequate rack space, desktop space and electrical power for all CPE (including phones) that need to be racked and installed 
  • Providing access necessary for City Communications and assigned personnel to fulfil deployment services to all sites and coordinating schedules 
  • Ensuring that you have internet connectivity for your IP phones which will enable the phones to auto-configure. If you’re an IPVPN customer, you’ll still need internet break- out. 

1.2 Support 

  • Making desired configurations on your portal using the user guides ahead of contacting us 
  • Supporting all handsets (out of warranty) and end-user devices 
  • Delegating a single administrative point of contact for City Communications service issues 
  • Serving as the life-cycle maintenance contact. The customer administrator will be responsible for conducting the on-going activities required to maintain and administer the account. Activities include, but are not limited to, submitting feature account changes, user profile/parameter updates such as name and office location changes 
  • Contacting City Communications concerning all service issues 
  • Assigning the Default Calling Number (DCN) to a person/agent who will be available to answer emergency calls from public safety personnel at each location 
  • Contacting City Communications if a user changes their associated site location in order for us to update the Emergency Services Database 


  1. Review the Terms & Conditions to ensure you can meet all of your obligations. 
  1. Do you wish to keep your telephone numbers and therefore need numbers to be ported? 
  1. If yes, you’ll need to complete a Letter of Authority to authorise us to port the numbers away from your existing telecoms provider. The LoA form is within the ordering process which can be provided to you.
  • Even if you have existing numbers or voice services with City Communications, the numbers need to be ported. The porting enables the services to move from traditional voice telephony to new Voice over IP services 
  • If you wish to have hunt groups or attendant consoles, you must purchase/port additional telephone numbers for these. As a general rule, we suggest 10% extra telephone numbers. 
  1. How many users can use the City Cloud Phone service?
    1. The volume of users of the City Cloud Phone service is unlimited 
  2. Service quality to users is restricted by the connectivity/access technology and bandwidth available at the particular site/office those users are located at 
  1. How much bandwidth is required to optimise the City Cloud Phone  service? 
  1. You must have sufficient upload bandwidth to provide the service at a particular site 
  2. The amount of bandwidth required is dependent on how many concurrent calls are made, i.e. what is the maximum number of phone calls made at any one time. This is typically the same as the number of users in an office where employees are constantly on the phone or a third of the number of users in an office where call usage is infrequent 
  1. Typically 140kbps is needed per concurrent call 
  1. What is the maximum numbers of users I can have at my site? 
  1. We have set a recommended maximum number of concurrent calls for each connectivity type and access technology (based on City Cloud Phone HD calls): 
  1. Ethernet: 
    1. 10Mbps upload – 36 calls 
    1. 20Mbps upload – 71 calls 
    1. 30Mbps upload – 107 calls 
    1. 40Mbps upload – 143 calls 
    1. 50Mbps upload – 150 calls 
    1. 100Mbps upload – 357 calls 
    1. 200Mbps upload – 714 calls 
    1. 500Mbps upload – 750 calls 
    1. 1Gbps upload – 1000 calls 
  1. Superfast & Ultrafast Broadband: 
    1. 80/20 (20Mbps upload) – 43 users 
    1. 160/30 (30Mbs upload) – 64 users
    1. 330/50 (50Mbps upload) – 107 users 
    1. 500/165 (165Mbps upload) – 352 users
    1. 1000/220 (220Mbps upload) – 470 users

6. Do you have sufficient ports on your router or LAN? 

a. Each handset must be plugged into an Ethernet port, whether directly into your router or into a switch as part of a LAN infrastructure 

b. If you have insufficient ports for the volume of handsets purchased, it’s possible to purchase switches and structured cabling, if required, from us 

  1. Do you have Power over Ethernet? 
  1. If not, you need to purchase a power supply unit for each handset to power the handsets which will need to be within a metre of each handset 
  1. We recommend for sites with more than 4 users, that a Power over Ethernet switch is purchased 
  1. Will all users know how to use the Cloud Voice service? 
  1. The telephony functions of City Cloud Phone are designed to suit all users and replicate that of traditional telephone services 
  1. You can also purchase training modules. The training can be ‘Train the Trainer’ and/or ‘Floorwalking’ 

1.4 Ahead of Deployment

  1. Do you need Quality of Service (QoS) on your LAN? 
  1. Though QoS is not mandatory for the City Cloud Phone service, any potential quality degradation can be reduced drastically by enabling end-to-end QoS 
  1. If you’re concerned about your LAN infrastructure, a LAN audit Professional Service can be purchased from us

Note: LAN QoS is not available when using the soft client. 

  1. Will the handsets be configured correctly? 
  1. It is advised that handsets are plugged in as you receive them to ensure a smooth handover from us and all configurations can be applied 
  1. All handsets purchased alongside the City Cloud Phone product will already be provisioned and allocated against a user and therefore it’s possible to plug the phone into the router/LAN port and it will auto-download the correct configurations and be ready to use within minutes, so long as internal networking allows City Cloud Phone traffic (see internal firewall instructions above) 
  2. All handsets not purchased alongside the City Cloud Phone product will need to be configured against a user for the City Cloud Phone product to work. The handset must be on our approved handset list and configuration of the handset can be completed using the respective user guide found on the citycommunications.co.uk/support page
  1. Do you have an internal firewall? 

a. If so, the firewall must follow your firewall instructions to allow the City Cloud Phone Service traffic. A full list of Firewall rules are available by contacting support@citycommunications.co.uk. Guidance from your firewall vendor may be required. 

1.5 Day of Deployment

1. Will the service work straight away? 

a. Once you plug in your City Cloud Phone handsets, they’ll auto-configure. If you have new numbers on your service, they’ll be available on configuration. If you’re porting numbers, on completion of the porting, the handsets can make calls 

2. Will all handsets work? 

Please install all handsets to check they’re working correctly. If a handset is found to be Dead on Arrival (DoA), please inform your Order Manager as soon as possible so we can replace the phone as part of our Warranty policy 

  1. Will all users know what to do with the phones? 
  1. The City Cloud Phone SIP phones look very similar to traditional phones and therefore users should feel comfortable using them 
  1. If floor walking training has been purchased, the floorwalkers will be on hand to support the end-users 
  1. Will all users know what to do with the portal? 
  1. The City Cloud Phone portal has been designed to be user friendly. User guides can be found on www.citycommunications.co.uk/support on how to use the portal at a user and administrator level 
  1. If floor walking training has been purchased, the floorwalkers will be on hand to support the end-users 
  1. What should you do if you have call handling rules, e.g. hunt groups? 
    1. You can configure all call handling rules, including hunt groups, on the City Communications Portal. Company or site admins will have the ability to amend user’s calling accordingly 
    2. If you already have City Cloud Phone call handling rules, these will not be migrated from your existing services 
  1. How will my phones keep their configuration and remain live on the service? 

a. A constant internet connection is required for the phones to maintain their configuration to the City Cloud Phone service 

In-Life Service

  1. How does the service stay up-to-date? 
  1. City Communications and our partners ensure the City Cloud Phone product remains up-to-date and supported. We strive to develop the service to meet current market demands 
  1. Most changes can be made unnoticed. However, any amendments that may impact your service will be communicated to you following the correct change procedure and providing sufficient notice 
  1. What happens if City Cloud Phone doesn’t work? 
  1. Please contact our Support team by visiting https://citycommunications.co.uk , email support@citycommunications.co.uk or call  with a fault on 01158 384284 
  1. Can I add users? 
  1. Please contact your sales representative who will arrange this for you 
  1. You must make sure you have sufficient upload bandwidth to accommodate the additional users 
  1. Can I add users to an existing service for a short period? 
  1. It’s possible to add users to an existing service for less than 12 months at a slightly higher monthly rate 
  • Please contact your sales representative to discuss this 
  • If you’d like to have additional users for less than a month, please let us know the start and end dates of the licences 
  • If you’d like to have additional users for between one month and one year, please indicate the start date. They’ll then continue on a daily rolling term until you provide us with a minimum of 5 days’ notice ahead of the end date 
  1. Can I change users? 
  1. It’s possible to amend user names within the City Cloud Phone Portal. Please note that the telephone number will remain the same 
  2. Please contact your sales representative if you’d like to change a User licence 
  3. All changes to users which impact the Emergency numbers database must be communicated to us 
  1. Can I remove users? 

It’s possible to remove users from the City Cloud Phone portal. If the user is still in contract term, early termination charges may be applied based on the user monthly charge and the remaining term left of that user

  1. Can I change my chargeable features? 
  1. All chargeable features are contracted on a rolling monthly term and therefore can be amended monthly 
  2. Please contact your sales representative to add, change or remove chargeable features 
  3. All non-chargeable features can be amended on the City Cloud Phone portal on a company, site and user level depending on portal user permissions 
  1. Can I end the service if it’s no longer wanted? 
  1. Please inform your sales representative or visit citycommunications.co.uk and request to cease the service. If you’re still in contract, for any of your users, you may face early termination charges 
  • What do I do with unwanted handsets? 
  1. You will own the handsets therefore it’s your responsibility to dispose of the handsets as per WEEE regulations 
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